Arvin Niknia, an Influencer with 100,000+ followers, tells how difficult it is to be a public person


Many people walk around dreaming of being famous but can it really pay off? The answer is yes and no …

You need to think about whether it is really worth spending so much of your time daily to entertain your audience ..

Of course, it pays off if you become known in the way that you eventually make money on it but you have to think about this is like Bodybuilding … Sometimes I spent 8 hours a day on training but it is not all there becomes popular in bodybuilding …

Bodybuilding is a waste of time if you do not have the money and the network .. Do you have Hanyrambod as a trainer so yes you should probably reach want you want but if you do not have a proper trainer then do not waste your time on bodybuilding because it is really waste of your time and money … networking is either something you already have or you achieve if you are lucky ..

The same goes for becoming a famous person .. If you do not have the money and the network then forget it .. If you both have to look after an education, a job, and have to get married and have children then you should probably consider whether the choice you make really is the right choice .. Right from the start already at the teenager age makes you think about what you want for you must also achieve other things in life so either you bet your whole life on something specific and hopefully achieve it just like Jay Cutler otherwise forget it …


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