Congratulations! Dilyer Is The Most Nominated Artist At This Years Teen Vault Awards!


Alongside Yuni vuma, Muaawiyah Ravate, Ivan Uane and Aristides Fanuel
Social media sensation, Dilyer stevens took over with 4 nominees in the Teen vault! He Might take home his first-ever TEEN VAULT AWARD ( TVA) The Fellow nominees for the fan-voted categories include
Best teen vault influencer
Best Mozambican influencer
Best clothing merchandise
Best inspirational
Some Mozambican influencers besidesDilyer who got big nominations
are Yuni vuma, Muaawiyah Ravate and Ivan Uane, they are the most nominated recipients After Dilyer
Dilyer has a very vast fan base who might make him held the title for many categories in a row just like some other contestants from the year 2016-2018 who received the award for three consecutive years . Following the Nominations, he might co-present the final award of the Teen vault broadcast for Best TIK TOKER with Yuni Vuma
King DS’s most recent appearance , for his model Kelvins birthday and accompanying video were released earlier this Sunday via The DS merch Instagram , Dilyer said “ I’m so proud of you, I’m so happy for everything you’ve accomplished you’ve done this with authenticity and grace” meanwhile the fandom just realized Visionaries is nominated a long side on the TVA- Teen vault award, this is a great accomplishment!

If Dilyer wins four awards from his four nominations at this online award show, it will make him the Male Influencer with the most wins of all time in TVA history.

They voting section is yet to be Announced this month, the fans are already hyped and prepared to vote on their faves.
Do you think King Dilyer will take an Award home? Competing with the biggest Teen influencers in Mozambique?
Stay tuned to start voting on your favorite star.


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