Discover the Adventurous Lifestyle of an Enthusiastic Sri Lankan Traveller


Travelling plays an important role in making us rejuvenated and relaxed. It’s the key to open doors to new adventures and excitements. Practical experience gained by travelling can’t be compared to anything we study in books. A person who doesn’t travel can’t be defined as someone who truly enjoys life. 

This article comes out in a period where people are stagnated in their houses with boredom and stress. They are counting on a day that they will be able to step out again and travel like in the old days. But did you know that this is the perfect time to refresh your memory? We found an exciting Instagram account where you can find breathtaking travel photos that will definitely flashback your memory to the good old days. Those stunning captures will enkindle your desire to travel. 

Tharaka Liyanaarachchi is a full-time banker and an adrenaline junkie who loves to travel. Her passion is to explore Sri Lanka with her husband and little baby girl. 

She has a great eye for photography. Her thrilling captures inspire the followers to go out and travel. 

Whether you’re a fellow travel-lover or you’ve never gone on a trip in your life, Tharaka has something for every one of you guys. Her Instagram account motivates others to travel and explore Sri Lanka by showcasing destinations, fashion, food and lifestyle through her photography. 

Be sure to follow her on Instagram to get lost in a passionate and adventurous life. 

instagram – tha_liyana


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