Film Director Phoenix Melville Register Netflix Subsidiary Company


    Phoenix Melville the youngster and newcomer in the landscape Hollywoods

    Registered in the company index of Los Angeles a subsidiary of streaming giant 

    Netflix with the name “ transcendentia image”  The Press Release of  Netflix states that 

    “ The goal is to bring a new level of entertainment into the global audience based on 

    Unity of all humanity, the approach of sustainability and everyone’s responsibility for our planet and the post corona perception that bring a whole level of narrative to history. We are happy after several rounds with other distributors to welcome Phoenix Melville to our family.”

    The news came just shortly after the dispute of Melville with the American press and the known celebrity blogger Perez H.  who reported an affair with an American pop star that can not be named any further since the case was closed for an unknown six-figure paid amount to Melville after Judge Monica Bachner of Stanley Mosk Los Angeles decided it has to be assumed in privacy while the British director is not a person of public interest for the moment.

    The contract includes a new interpretation of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

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