Insider reveals that Dilyer is being blackmailed with his personal information and needs help!


On this Thursday night An insider which it’s name was asked to remain private, revealed that Dilyer is being controlled and blackmailed through his private information,
“ it all started when Dilyer stopped posting so much on social media, we knew something was wrong”
The insider also revealed that Dilyer cried from time to time, “Dilyer was blackmailed to do things he didn’t want to” says insider.
Says it all started a little before the modeling shoot for “ DS MERCH” . The insider reveals that “Dilyer cried several times because he was forced to manipulate one of the models, someone has his personal information and its being used against him”
Dilyer, social media star with 20,000 followers, 65 Thousand views, The first Mozambican to ever headline FOX 2020 at 16 years old, Hasn’t spoken in the topic yet, as “he’s going through a lot “ reveals insider. “ Now their sent professional high budget hackers his way, to help delete this personal information” says Insider!
Early in December 2020 the list for the models was revealed,

* Arnovo Xavier 
* Zein rasac
* Kelvin Allan 
* Aishah Cristina 
* Kayla Afrikaner
* Karen zucule

It’s revealed that Dilyer has been trying to cope with the situation and that’s why “DS MERCH” isn’t released yet. We are all sending positive energy to the King. We hope you’re mentally fine!
He helps people with depression and now he’s going through it. “ he just wants all this to stop, he wants to go back the to past where he didn’t meet the person blackmailed” says an insider.
Dilyer is a successful role model for man, preaches individuality and helps individuals with depression, anxiety!
The theory’s in the internet don’t stop! Some fans think Dilyer had a fight with one of the boys of the DS MERCH, Kelvin Allan, Zein Rasac or Arnovo Xavier!
What do you think about this? We keep sending positive energy to the king always!


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