Jason Waud, A influencer with 520K followers, victim of bullying for a lazy eye too! Shows support to Dilyer by buying and wearing his merchandise!


 It’s no secret that Jason is a huge DS fan. When he had his eye surgery in 2019 he  used much of his media to praise Dilyer.

“You are my inspiration  he said then. 

“And I love you. I always have. And I always will. I appreciate it.”

On Saturday, Jason posted a twitter fleet photo in tribute to Dilyer and his new collection “ DS NEON” , In the photo, Jason wears a black shirt that matches Dilyers model “ Kelvin Allan” pictured onscreen, as he smiles towards . He wrote.. “ Thank you King for inspiring me to go through my surgery, I would never done it without you” he wrote. Here’s a photos of Jason’s Eye surgery recovery

In the photo, Jason also shows off some new black long hair that fans haven’t seen until now. In December , he posted a photo of himself with the caption “keishin Ukai” In that photo, his hair was long and blonde, but there were no curls to be seen.

Dilyers Neon collection is almost sold out! More than 1500 peaces of clothing in a week, Around the world! 

Meanwhile, Dilyers “DS NEON” has opened to positive reviews. The Guardian’s Chanté Joseph wrote in her review, “This Merch and Designs is a Neon based to the light diaspora, to remind them that they, too, are shiny and glowing” 

What Jason did in that moment was rare: He recognized the inspiration Dilyer is even being in a higher level and he told us the truth. He is rare in the creative arts industry.

a further rarity is his working class. Did this have something to do with the brave and, to some, outrageous choice He made that night? Absolutely! 

Some. Fans are already sharing they’re professional pictures wearing DS NEON collection which you can now order on www.dsneon.org

2 of Dilyers male models are set to have a interview soon for their collaborative brand “ visionaries”.  It’s not coincidence that Dilyer chose them to model! They’re for sure being pushed up by the king! Stay tuned.


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