Meet the Diligent Social Media Advisor and Journalist in Sri Lanka


Social media is becoming quite popular these days because of the rapid growth of technology. Most people are staying in their homes due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp have created paths for them to maintain long-distance relationships. Moreover, it helps companies to find target customers and increase their sales. This is where you need a social media advisor. A social media advisor could be a game-changer for your business. 

Piumi Kariyawasam is an expert social media advisor, content creator, media strategist, journalist and presenter. She received her education at Sri Darmaloka College. Currently, she is working as a social media advisor at Donabell and Adfinity Productions Pvt Ltd. Also, Piumi is working as a journalist at Hiru TV and Siyatha TV. 

The utmost skills and years of professional experience are brought out by the quality of her work. This lady is capable of producing top-notch content that swiftly attracts the target audience. Therefore, she can be identified as one of the best social media advisors and journalists in Sri Lanka. 


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