Model Muse And Musician Releases Nina In Cali


Model Muse and Musician Chrystal Copland, has just released two new singles. Copland has unleashed a song that combines elements of bubblegum pop and tinges of trap music. The song; Nina in Cali is written by Copland herself and is sweet enough to listen to in the car or a perfect going out song. This dynamic song creates a wonderful, uplifting mood and atmosphere.

New Year’s Day is a fresh take on a Taylor Swift song, from Taylor’s album ‘Reputation’.
Chrystal creates a striking contrast between the original song with a subtle yet melancholic ethereal enchanted otherworldly take on the song. This one is reminiscent of The Smith’s ‘How Soon is Now’

Chrystal does not disapoint with this charming duo.

You can listen to New Year’s Day on Spotify here;

Nina in Cali


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