Prasad Krishna a rising rock star from India has got a good opening for his single “Azhagiya Kadhali “


Prasad Krishna is an independent musician from India and also the founder of the band Mad Over Octaves ,he has done lots of independent single tracks.Azhagiya Kadhali is a breezy romantic song that has the main concept of how love becomes more stronger during lockdown.

This is the composer’s 16 th musical track and this is the one that has got him more views and streams on social networking.This shows that hard work will surely get you to the right place.

Prasad Krishna has also done the lyrical part of the song which received good appreciation and the artist has done editing and cinematography (partly)for the song .

The song has been performed by singers John Vianni and Mrunmayee Phatak and it features Shobhit Chaturvedi and Yuli Kay in the lead.

The song got a good opening on all music platforms and it is one of the breezy tracks that you should listen .


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