Rumalki Fernando : A Girl With Magical Upcoming Voice. Next Generation Is On Good Hands


Through Celebrity Sri Lanka today we talked about the latest music video of Rumalki Fernando, which became popular on social media recently. 

Even celebrities have posted positive feedback through their social media profiles by appreciating this talented singing and performing ability.

There is no doubt that Thilina Ruhunage’s music and melody are the main reason why this song is so popular. Stay tuned with Voizy Music YouTube Channel to experience the difference of futuristic Music and Melodies.

It is no secret that we can see the signs of a star like Yohani de Silva in Rumalki as well. For those who like to enjoy international level creations, don’t forget to subscribe and join Rumalki’s Youtube Channel as well.

Rumalki’s youtube –

Voizy Music –


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