Sajeewa Dissanayake Shakes the Fanbase with a Heart Touching New Song “Kola Balum”


Sajeewa Dissanayake is an eminent artist who is well-known for creating heart touching songs. In 2016, he released a hit song “Ikman Wela” which went viral on social media. After releasing his 3rd song in 2019, he was silent for nearly two years. 

Now in 2021, Sajeewa is back with a new song “Kola Balum” which was released on 10th January 2021. This ingenious artist kick-started the new year by presenting an exciting gift for his fans.  

Sajeewa says that he will be able to release the official music video within the next 2 weeks. 

“Kola Balum” now available on:


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