Success Story of a Young Saloon Owner Who Strongly Believes in Buddhism


This success story is about Suranga Akash, founder and owner of Salon Suranga. His life story is a great example to all of us. 

What type of student were you at school?

I was a mischievous kid when I was little. I often get caught for doing trickish acts. My school life was a happy one, although I didn’t like to go to school. My parents had to punish me to make me go to school, even when I was doing O/Ls. Sometimes I regret it. But, when thinking about where I’m today, I feel happy. 

Why didn’t you do A/Ls? 

I didn’t have any interest in doing A/Ls because I didn’t like to go to school. Since I was a teenager, I wanted to start a saloon. I think that now I have achieved that dream. I suffered a lot to reach this position. I never studied this from a teacher and it’s in my blood. Both my school life and present life is filled with happiness. I always hope for happiness in my life and I like to stay happy with anyone. 

I started my saloon in a small room in my house. And I’m happy that I have come so far. 

How old are you? 

No one believes me when I say that I’m 25 years old. I was born on 01st June 1995. As a young man, I’m extremely happy about where I’m today. I think that I have built all these things with my skills. I have also done weddings of famous Sri Lankan Actors and Actresses. I proudly say that they come to me because I love my job. Many people give me work because I do all of them well. 

If you weren’t a beautician? 

I grew up in the village temple and I had a great dream since my childhood to be ordained. But my family didn’t have much interest in it. But now I’m happy that I didn’t do it because now I’m doing everything I can do for Buddhism. I always invite my parents, brothers and friends to join me for these works. I think that living happily by having faith in Buddhism is the best reason for my development. 

Do you have anything to say to your coevals? 

As a 25 years old youth, I’m really happy about my situation. I would like to say to my coevals that anyone can win life if one does his/her job honestly without any fraud. It’s easy to win life if you do your job properly without being lazy. We should also have faith in our religion and be careful because religion is fading away these days. I do my best for religion without any pomposity because I believe that I’m here today because of religion. I post them on Facebook only to motivate others to do good deeds. I never expect publicity from them. I think that the secret behind my success is Buddhism. If you give priority to your religion before doing anything, you will be able to win them fast. 

Who helped you to become successful? 

First of all, I should be grateful to my parents because I wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t give birth to me. And then, to my elder sister who brought me to this position by teaching me and saving everything. My brother stays by my side like a father. I’m here today because of them. I believe that I have a brother and a sister like my parents. They are the ones who helped me to become successful. 

Only a few people sling mud at me because I’m living a successful life at the age of twenty-five. I think that they sling mud at me because they couldn’t reach my position when they were at the age of twenty-five. I feel happy, instead of being sad about them. I think I’m still in this field because I have earned popular people than famous people. 


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