Shehani Perera is the rising star to appear in the art world with the release of Face to Face Movie in Srilanka. This is about her. Most people started talking about her because of Derana Star City.

Family Background

24 years old. She has two older sisters in the family. One of them is a popular actress Udari Perera whom we all know. She is also a former air hostess. Moreover, the little sister is an air hostess too. Simply an air hostess Family.

Due to this family background, her only goal was to become an air hostess. Although she was ready to apply after fulfilling her qualifications, by the way, there were no vacancies at that moment. Shehani said that she don’t do anything without asking her sisters. She believes that it would go wrong if she does something without getting advice from her sisters. That is why secrets are not kept between her family.


She loves to do fashion, dance, sing and travel a lot. When she was small, she used to put her mother’s makeup on her lipsticks and wearing her saree. Shehani said that she likes to dance when she went to a party or wedding with her two sisters together.

A lover

He is not involved in art, and more details will be revealed in the future.

First appeared in commercials at the age of 11

Shehani Perera has appeared in various commercials since before joining the film industry. At grade six, she got an opportunity to contribute to a soap ad through acting skills. Lately became famous in Srilanka with some music videos.

The turning point of her life

‘Malakuth Thibuna’ Music video by Chitral Somapala & Umara Sinhawansa was the turning point in her life. Through that popularity and ability, she had the opportunity to act in Harsha Udakanda’s Face to Face movie and later, Nalaka Vithanage’s Ethalaya Movie. 

Being the sister of Udari Perera was not an advantage to enter the field

Shehani believes that you must have the talent to stay in the field. That’s why I try to go slow ride. I got my chance to act in the first film after facing a screen test. 

‘There are many people that I know in the field because of my sister. However, I never thought to take advantage of it’. She said that she is working hard to go on a long journey in the field by showing her skills and studying acting. Soon, we will also see her in teledramas


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